I have extensive experience in campaign work. While serving as the Campaign Manager for Drew Gray Miller in 2018, I worked in many positions, including as a press secretary,speechwriter, social media manager, publicist, and digital content creator. I served in many of the same roles as Political Director for Dale Kerns for U.S. Senate, creating viral content which engaged potential voters. You can see some of my creations below and hover over each individual image for a brief synopsis.

In addition to my work behind the scenes, I have extensive experience in public speaking and presenting the messages of libertarianism in my own right. In 2017, I sat on a panel at CPAC with Jack Hunter and Matt Kibbe, where we discussed the future of liberty. The video can be viewed at the bolded link. I also regularly film Facebook live videos on my page, and wrote for two and half years on The Libertarian Republic.

I wrote an editorial about the 2016 presidential election which was published two days prior to Election Day in The Morning Call. I also gave a speech at the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 in support of the Libertarian Party.

Following the conclusion of the 2018 PA-18 Special Election, Drew and I decided to make hay of the publicity our campaign received as the "spoiler" candidate, recording a "Mean Tweets" video resembling those created by Jimmy Kimmel. I edited together the video and graphics so that both would be seen as professional while also reaching viral levels. You can watch it on YouTube below.